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5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Working out can be enjoyable, though it is often brutal. When you're biting the bullet and going in for the long haul, try to be smart about how you can go about achieving your goals as efficiently as possible. With our list of the most effective cardio exercises, you'll be able to get trim, without exerting all your efforts in the wrong direction.

The extent of how effective your weight loss attempts can be also depends on the supplements you take. Pair your workout regimen with a high-protein diet, and take a protein bar, like the Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie ($39) post-workout. It's a healthy way to allow your muscles to recover, and ensure your body reaps the amino acids it needs to grow lean muscle. Fat burners are also an option to explore if you're thinking of shredding some pounds. Try the Lush Protein PureBurn ($49) capsules to improve your fat loss, and accelerate your weight loss process.


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All your training in the primary school playground Double Dutch-ing during recess has paid off. Skipping rope is one of the most effective cardio exercises you can do to lose weight and tone up your legs. Rack up a pace of 100 skips per minute, and you'll stand to lose 650 to nearly 1000 calories an hour. 


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Instead of a meandering evening jog, try a HIIT run. Alternate between 2 minutes of sprinting and 1 minute of brisk walking for the duration of your usual jog for a fierce calorie burn. What's great about HIIT workouts is that your calorie burn is still accelerated after your workout, so you reap double the benefits. Even 15 minutes of HIIT running sheds 300 calories off, easy.


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For those unfamiliar with weight training, incorporate the humble kettlebell into your gym routine instead. Spend half an hour to an hour alternating between working out your upper and lower body with a kettlebell, and you can burn up to 1000 calories, with the increased calorie afterburn lasting over 24 hours. Swing, squat and clean press your way to a toned body! Resting in the midst of a kettlebell circuit is a good way to take a break, but swapping between upper and lower body exercises is a far more efficient way to get those calories melting.


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Running isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's understandable. If you're one that seeks a more engaging experience when racking up your heart rate, try kickboxing. Whether it's a group class, a one-on-one personal training session or a workout video you can do at home (Les Mills BodyCombat videos are a fantastic option!), kickboxing is a beast with calorie burn, and tones up your whole body. You could slough off 600-900 calories an hour, and it's a pretty fun way to challenge yourself.


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Swap out the treadmill for the exercise bike, and push yourself hard on it. Amp up the resistance, and alternate between fast pedalling and slow, active rest breaks to really firm up your legs. Or jump in a Spin class! They're dynamic and gruelling, but the 500-750 calories you burn in an hour is well worth the jelly legs after.

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