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5 Yoga Studios In Singapore To Help You Find Your Zen

The key to building muscle isn't just about lifting weights. You have to create a balanced regimen that also allows your body to recover. Yoga is one of the most efficient and helpful ways for you to achieve this, and alleviate all sorts of muscle or joint-related issues you may have developed.

Yoga is also a stress reliever. It helps with your flexibility, and teaches you how to be more in tune with your body and all its workings. These are traits you'll never attain just lifting dumbbells and performing presses.

Don't let stereotypes about yoga define how you approach it. It is one of the most popular movements in the world and has such a dedicated following for good reason. It also can be intimidating to venture into, just like any other sport, but there are a number of studios in Singapore that create a comfortable environment for beginners to dive into.

Here are some of the best yoga studios in Singapore. Some of these are already affiliated with gyms, so it is really just about putting your name down for a class. The inner zen and physical wellbeing you'll attain is worth it.


Pure Yoga is an affiliate of Pure Fitness. Like its parent gym, the studio caters to busy working professionals in Singapore. There are a broad array of classes for you to choose from everyday, ranging from those catered to beginners, to advanced classes, and even meditation sessions to help you unwind from the stress at work. Each Pure Yoga studio also has a relaxing lounge, with a juice bar for a healthy fix, and other facilities like saunas for you to use as well. There are three membership tiers: short-term memberships for frequent travellers, monthly contracts with minimum commitment periods of six or 12 months, and a prepaid two year contract. Prices available upon consultation.

Pure Yoga is located at Chevron House, Ngee Ann City and Asia Square Tower 2.


True Yoga is one of the largest yoga chains in Asia. Their main outlet is located at Pacific Plaza, though you can enjoy yoga at any number of True Fitness gyms. Their list of classes is so extensive, you'll be spoilt for choice. There is yoga to work specific muscle groups, like your core, hot yoga, bikram yoga, and relaxation-focused classes to name a few. One of their most popular classes is the BOHY90, a hot yoga class that lasts for 90 minutes, and goes through all 26 of the key yoga poses. Every True Yoga instructor is trained in India for at least ten years before joining the company, making this one of the best yoga educations you can get around Singapore. True Yoga also has lounge rooms for its members to unwind in after every session.

True Yoga is located at Pacific Plaza, Scotts Road, Level 4, Singapore 228210.


Hom Yoga is a dedicated hot yoga studio located in Orchard Road and Raffles Place. If you're someone who prefers boutique studios, this is one of the best choices you can find. Its popularity has grown in Singapore since its opening because of its intimate setting, convenient location, and specific focus on hot yoga. They even have yoga classes for children if you're keen on it being a family affair. An introductory class begins at $32, and you have a range of commitment periods and payment schemes to suit your time, as well as budget. Click here for the full membership price list.

Hom Yoga is located in Raffles Place and Orchard Central.


Yoga Lab has a playful concept that structures its classes around scientific concepts. Many of their yoga instructors are popular yogis on social media, further adding to their credentials. Yoga Lab has branded themselves as an accessible place to experiment with yoga, across all their different classes. These range from stretching, yoga basics, power yoga, core sculpting to even pre-natal yoga. They have three outlets in Singapore, one in the East and two in the CBD. Classes start at $28 for one session, to $750 for 50 classes. You can also get a half-day unlimited pass if you're in need of some serious relaxation at $150.

Yoga Lab is located at East Coast, Duxton Hill, and Boon Tat Street.


The Yoga Co. wants yoga to be as peaceful and welcoming for people as possible, so its studio is set up to feel like someone's home. Its classes are non-hot yoga classes like flow or ashtanga, as well as intensive yoga bootcamps, with prices starting from $28 per class, to $199 for 10 classes. They also accommodate students with a special pricing of $88 for five classes, making this quite an affordable option for younger budding yogis. The Yoga Co. is definitely one to visit if your idea of a great yoga class is an intimate setting, a smaller class size, and focused yoga work. There are currently two studios in Singapore.

The Yoga Co. is located at Haji Lane and East Coast Road.

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