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6 Beginner Moves To Sculpt Your Shoulders

When you're just getting started in the gym, you probably want to focus on standard areas that'll reap visible results to keep you motivated — cardio, abs, arms, and certain heavy lifts are among the preferred. Your other smaller muscle groups are as worthy of attention though, given that paying too much attention to one area of the body may not be as effective, and help you look as good.

Shoulders are one such aspect. In order to get the full effect of rounded, hulking arms, your shoulders require some love. Here are six moves to get started with sculpting those deltoids.


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As a foundational move for building mass, the upright barbell row is as straightforward as they come. Hold the barbell in an overhand grip slightly less than your shoulder width, and let the bar rest on the top of your thighs. Keep your elbows slightly bent, and back straight. Exhale, and lift the bar up, raising your elbows to your ears. The bar should be almost at your chin. Pause for a breath, and return to the starting position. Repeat for desired amount of reps.


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Sit on the bench with back support. Grip the dumbbells at shoulder height, using the top of your thighs to hike them upwards as needed. Turn your wrists so your palm is facing forward, exhale and push the dumbbells upwards, ensuring that they touch as your arms are extended. Return to start, and repeat. This is another simple move to build mass, but do avoid it if you have issues with your rotator cuff.


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This can be done either with the military press machine or with a barbell and a bench. Arrange the barbell to a suitable height for you when you're seated. Pick up the barbell, and lift it up over your head with your arms locked. Lower it down to the collarbone, as you inhale, and lift it back up to starting position. Repeat as desired. This is an exercise that'll give you killer delt definition.


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This can be done standing or seated. With dumbbells by your side, and your palms facing your body, keep your chest straight out. Your elbows can be slightly bent. Lift your arms up until it is parallel to the floor, and hold for one second. Inhale, and return to the starting position. To add intensity to this move, bend your torso over so it is touching your knees, with your head up. Side lateral raises give you defined shoulders, really helping to shape those rounded shoulder muscles.


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As an isolation exercise, front raises are exercises that enhance the front curve of your shoulder. For less fatigue, do it with alternate sides. You can choose either dumbbells or barbells. Pick up your chosen weights, and keep them in front of your thighs. Your grip should be such that your palms are facing your thighs. Your upper body should be straight, and maintained that way throughout. Lift the dumbbell up so that your arm is slightly above being parallel to the floor. Your elbows don't have to be locked, but your palms must be facing down. Return to the start, and perform the move with your other arm.


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Your rear delts aren't to be neglected either. Head to the appropriate machine, and adjust the handles so they are at the rear. Ensure the seat height allows the handles to be at shoulder level. Grab the handles, and pull your hands out to the back, as if engaging in a semicircle motion. Once your rear delts are engaged, return to the starting position, and repeat.

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