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These 6 Exercises Are Your Shortcut To A Bigger Chest

 Incorporate these into your workout routine to really let those pecs shine. 

1. Bar Dips

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These aren't the most popular to do at the gym, but it works wonders for building your chest muscles by isolating your pectorals. Start with a wide grip, and drop your body as low as you can, while keeping your chest forward. Use your legs as leverage to heave yourself back up. Repeat 2-3 sets until failure.

2. Pec Deck Flys

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Do 5 sets of 10 reps on the pec deck machine. Start off with a comfortable weight, and take it up a notch during your fourth rep to truly hammer at your chest muscles.

3. Decline Barbell Bench Press

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The flat bench press is one of the most popular chest-building exercises there is, but take it to the next level with the decline barbell bench press to accelerate attaining your desired results. Lock your legs at the end of the decline bench, and have a firm, mid-width grip on the bar. Lift the bar off the rack, and ensure your arms are perpendicular to the ground. Lower the bar slowly, ensuring that your arms create a 90-degree angle. Pause for a second, and bring your arms back to starting position. Repeat for 5 sets of 10 reps. For safety reasons, get a friend to spot for you.

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4. Flat Bench Cable Fly

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Get yourself on a cable fly bench, and test the waters to find an ideal weight you can perform for 15 reps with good form. Once you've found the optimal number, perform 3 sets of 15 reps. The flat bench cable fly really works your inner pectorals, allowing for your chest to grow evenly.

5. Incline Dumbbell Press

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Sometimes, you've just got to have the classics. The incline dumbbell press pushes your pectoralis major and minor into full gear, boosting the growth of your upper chest area. Do a quick warm-up set of 15 reps, followed by 10-12 reps at an increased weight to failure. Repeat to failure twice.

6. Isometric Holds

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Isometric holds sound complicated, but are unbelievably simple in theory - all you have to do is squeeze and lock your muscles into a fixed position right after finishing a set. It boosts your pump, and speeds up the overall muscle building. When working on your chest, finish your rep, and stand with your palms together. Squeeze your chest muscles together for nine quick pulses with about 80 per cent effort. Finish off by using all your strength for 10 seconds. With consistent attempts, you'd really see the difference.

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