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6 Exercises For Chiseled Abs You Can Do At Home

Watch Paul Foster guide you through six ab exercises you can do at home for that shredded six-pack.

Here are some tips for the moves. Feel free to adjust the amount of sets based on your personal capacity:

1. Jacknife Sit-Ups (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: To make this easier, exhale when touching both your arms and legs together.

Benefits: This is one of the most effective exercises for targeting your lower abs.


2. Ab Roll Outs (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: Ensure your arms are straightened throughout.

Benefits: This exercise works 20 different muscles, including your hip flexors and obliques.


3. Criss-Cross Crunches (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: The closer you bring your knee to your inner arm (not just your elbow!), the more effective this workout gets.

Benefits: This pilates move is a really high-intensity move to shape your upper abs.


4. Leg Raises (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: Always keep your legs straight and your toes pointed.

Benefits: As a whopper of an exercise, leg raises blast your lower abs, your lower back, and your quads too.


5. Shoulder Tap Planks (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: You can perform this exercise on your knees if you're a beginner.

Benefit: Not only does this fire up your core, it works your shoulders and triceps too.


6. Russian Twists (5 X 20 reps)

Tip: Raise your legs for added intensity. You can swap out the weight plate for a dumbbell, or do it without weights if you're just starting to work on your abs.

Benefit: This exercise really helps to streamline your waist and give you that V-shaped upper body.


To help reveal those abs, you need to burn the fat covering your abdominals as well! A cardio workout will help in burning calories, or you can keep your workout intensity high so you heart rate reaches an aerobic level.

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