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7 Quick Exercises To Get Bigger At Home

1. Push Up

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If you want to build muscle without involving weights, you can't avoid the push up. For entry level trainees, you can stick to the standard form, but if you know your way around a push up, and can crank out a number of closed grip push ups with ease, go for other variants. Try switching things up with a one-armed push up. Start off with your feet in a wide stance. Have your hand beneath your torso, and attempt to do a one-armed push up. 

2. Pistol Squats

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Like the push up, squats are essential to building mass in your lower body. The pistol squat is a tougher modification that also improves your balance and mobility over time. With both arms and one leg out in front of you, lower your body down into a squat, before returning to start position. Swap to the other leg, and repeat. Sounds deceptively simple, but it's a hard one. For those who can't do a full pistol squat as of yet, train by holding on to a pole, or table leg as you inch your way down into squat position. Alternatively, train by lowering yourself onto a bench or chair instead of going all the way down.

3. Tricep Push Up

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This move is great for working both your triceps and your lower chest. Have both hands under your chest, with your elbows tucked in as close to your ribs as possible. With your fingers pointing up, lower yourself down into plank position. Never compromise on form with this — your back has to be flat and hips locked in.

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4. Crab Crawl

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As silly as this looks, it really does wonders for shoulder growth, while toning up your abs and glutes. Have your arms extended behind you, your legs forward, and push off the ground with your core muscles. Keep your hips locked, and begin crawling forward. Try circling your house, or room a number of times with this. To amp up the difficulty, give crawling backwards, or sideways a go.

5. Chair Dips 

Photo credit: hiitacademy

Dips are a total tricep and shoulder blaster. Grab a chair, put your arms behind you, grab onto the seat, and lower yourself to a position where your knees are at 90 degrees. Repeat until failure. 

6. Side To Side Squat

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Start off in a wide stance, with your feet wide apart. Point your toes outwards. Lower down into squat position, focusing on one leg at a time. You're moving squatting from side to side with this one, while your feet remain rooted. Up the ante by carrying a backpack with weights to really shred those quads.

7. Pull Ups

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A bodyweight home workout is never complete without the pull-up. If you have a pull-up bar at home, this is fantastic for growing your biceps and shoulders. Grip the bar with your fingers facing you to target the biceps, and do as many as you can, with one minute rest in between each set. Aim for 3 sets, minimum. If you don't have a pull up bar, head to your nearest fitness corner and get to work.

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