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3 Common Mistakes In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals

Committing to working out is half the battle won when it comes to leading a healthy, active lifestyle, but there are moments where your goals seem hard to achieve. Whether it is weight loss, muscle growth, or mass gain, you might just be falling prey to these fitness mistakes that are hampering your journey to looking and feeling better.

Too Little Protein

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We can't stress the importance of protein enough. Whole, clean, high-protein foods are incremental to boosting your body's metabolism, and reducing fat stores. Also, consuming a high-protein diet means you burn calories as you eat, thanks to your body having to work harder to digest protein than carbohydrates. Including a protein shake in your daily diet is fantastic for revving up your lean muscle growth, and aiding weight loss. You can shop our variety of whey protein powders here.

Too Much Cardio

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Going for a long jog might be the most conventional way to clock in some exercise, but you can run the risk of having your body work against you thanks to an excess of cardio. More doesn't equate to better, as too much cardio causes your body to think it is training for endurance, and it will begin increasing fat storage to be used as energy. Mix it up by including weights in your daily routine, or try out High Intensity Interval Training in place of your regular jog.

Too Much Liquid Calories

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If you've got a habit of indulging in sweet drinks, now's the time to try and overcome the addiction. Consuming liquid calories is detrimental to your health as a whole, and may be the reason why it's hard to shed those kilos. We're not saying you should cut off soda altogether (although that would be ideal), but try to go from once a day, to once a week, maximum. You'll really start to see and feel a difference. If you've got a craving, try adding fresh citrus fruits and berries to your bottle of iced water for a naturally sweet drink. It has detoxifying properties too.

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