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Crucycle - Riding With The Pack

Indoor cycling has been around for over two decades but a new wave of spinning studios have breathed new life into the workout where participation rates in the US are up 78.3% year on year. SoulCycle and Flywheel lead the charge stateside, and in Singapore we have Crucycle - a spinning studio that merges the LA spinning experience with a local approach.

Located on trendy Duxton Road, the family-owned studio is posh with an easy, laid back feel. Their husky Bandit is the inspiration for their ‘Ride With The Pack’ theme, and the workout experience is aimed at togetherness. As workouts are carried out in a group, instructors ‘lead the pack’, whilst the rest of the class are the pack who follow and ride along. This focus on the group collective is a unique part of Crucycle’s vision as riders don't just challenge themselves but ride in sync on each others energy and get stronger together.


We speak to two of the three siblings behind Crucycle, Calvin and Bebe Ding, about what it means to join the cru.

LFA: What made you decide to start Crucycle?

CD: We grew up between Singapore and Los Angeles, and when we were in LA, we were very into spinning. It was an everyday thing to us. When we moved back to Singapore, we wanted to bring spinning here, because we didn't want to lose the fun we had in LA. We took what we enjoyed, and altered it to suit the Asian market, as well as bringing a part of ourselves into the brand.

LFA: How did you adapt spinning for an Asian market?

CD: We made it more finessed and technical. We noticed people in Asia prefer a more refined experience. There's also full body elements like core workouts added into our classes, so you won't just be working out your arms and legs.

LFA: Is spinning just all about indoor cycling and music?

CD: Spinning is constantly evolving and whiles the moves are kind of like dance moves, its a fantastic cardio + full body workout. You can do something like a full-on push-up on the bike, but we name it something else, and it goes with the beat of the music, so you don't realise you're doing a full push-up.

BD: I would say it's choreography on a bike. Every instructor has their own style, and people enjoy going to different classes to experience variations. We have fun classes too, like hip hop rides, 90s music and such. We enjoy keeping it interesting with our theme rides as opposed to just a regular playlist.

LFA: How did you make Crucyle distinct from the other spinning studios in Singapore?

CD: We are a family-run company, and that brings a certain vibe the three of us have built up over the years. Our staff and clients all feel like they're part of a community. It's all about bonding here.

BD: What people are most attracted to is the brand's story — how we grew up in California, took elements of LA back, our dog as the mascot and all other personal aspects we've instilled in our branding. The name "Cru" expresses our wish for clients to grow organically with us, not just through working out, but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well.

LFA: What do you find gratifying about spinning?

BD: For me, it's the music. I think spinning and teaching are two completely different aspects, but when I cycle on the bike, it's definitely the music and how everyone is synchronised. You're so caught up in this energy.

CD: As a rider, it's all in the music, as Bebe mentioned. Everyone's on the same foot, the same beat, doing the same thing. It all builds this camaraderie and energy — a euphoric feeling in a way. I personally don't enjoy cardio, but with the music in spinning, you have so much more fun, like a workout without working out.

Crucycle is located at 68 Duxton Road S089527. Check them out at!

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