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Fit City: 5 Fitness Classes To Get You Going

Many of us go to the gym and pursue our own workouts, ignoring the immense variety of classes they have on offer, and that our membership entitles us to. It may be an issue of comfort, or preference, because some just like to work out alone. If its a matter of not having tried out a class before, then you definitely are missing out.

Gym classes give you a fantastic switch from your routine and allows you to workout in an environment that could motivate you because everyone is pursuing the same goal. There is also a fitness instructor to guide you through, so you don't have to think or plan your workout, you can just do.

Here are some of the best gym classes to try if you're looking to venture into something new. They can typically be found in most mega gyms in Singapore like Pure Fitness, True Fitness, Virgin Active and Fitness First.


Bodystep focuses on the basic movements of stepping — things you do every day when you walk or climb up and down the stairs — and combines it with high intensity moves like burpees, jumps, and weight plate moves. It is a full body workout designed to tone up your body, give you shapely legs and build your stamina. Don't worry if you're a beginner and this sounds too intense, they have a beginner's version of the class, known as Bodystep Athletic, for you to start with.


Flow, or vinyasa yoga, is a very fluid, and smooth form of yoga that is fast-paced, taxing, but very satisfying for your body. Hot flow yoga cranks up the intensity a notch by introducing heat to the practise, so you know there will be sweat involved. Hot yoga is famed for helping detox your body, it can increase your ability to relax, and is able to deliver all the benefits of a cardio workout without the hyper-intense cardio involved. If you're in need of some serious relaxation, try this.


Vibration training includes the use of vibrating platform devices in the workout. You've probably seen people performing push ups or planks while resting their arms against one, or something to that effect in the gym. Vibration training is supposed to stimulate the receptors in your muscles, causing them to work more intensively. You engage more muscle fibres through vibration training, making it ideal for beginners or those looking to rehabilitate certain muscles through exercise.


If you need a fast-paced workout to melt off the calories without taking too much time, then go for Tabata. This ridiculously high intensity cardio workout is so effective, that four-minutes of it at maximum capacity is more beneficial to your body than running on the treadmill. Your aerobic capacity goes up during a Tabata routine, and you're able to dramatically increase your fat loss weight too. The standard structure of Tabata is working out hard for 20 seconds, resting for 10, and repeating 8 rounds per exercise. It sounds intense, but it is worth it if you can push through.


Rookies to weightlifting who need some guidance can turn to Body Pump classes. It uses barbells to improve your performance and get you lean, taking you through moves that will target all your major muscle groups, from head to toe. Its key principle is using light weights and frequent repetitions to train and exhaust the muscles for results, so don't be worried if you've never lifted a barbell in your life, as Body Pump is definitely suited for newbies.

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