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Fit Humans of SG — Bebe Ding

Beatrice "Bebe" Ding is one-third of the sibling-run spinning studio, CruCycle. Born and bred in LA, Ding is a self-declared health junkie who loves all things that get her moving, and has thoroughly imbued the spirit of Los Angeles' spirited fitness culture. Through her ventures with CruCycle as an instructor, as well as her travels, Ding has amassed a unique perspective on both Asian and American attitudes towards working out. In this edition of Fit Humans of SG, she shares what CruCycle means to her, why she's passionate about spinning, and how she manages to live a healthy lifestyle consistently.

Photo credit: @crucycle

CruCycle is different because of the strong culture we have, as well as the environment we cultivate. It’s very family-focused, which allows people that come here to feel like they’re a part of a community. What people are most attracted to is the brand’s story, and how we grew up in California, and took elements of LA back to Singapore with this venture. Our dog is the mascot, so it’s all very personal, and that’s what people fell in love with.

Cru means growing organically. We want CruCycle to be a place where people come not just to work out, but to grow, both spiritually and mentally as well.

Spinning is cheoreography on a bike. It feels like dancing. Each instructor has their own style, and I think people love the variety. We do fun stuff like hip hop rides, summer jams, and other themed rides. It keeps things interesting rather than just having a regular playlist.

Photo: @crucycle

I find spinning really gratifying because of the music. Spinning and teaching are two completely different aspects, but when cycling on the bike, I love the music the most. Everyone also does the same movement at the same time, and you’re swept away in this crazy energy as you perform the moves to certain beats. When it comes to teaching, it’s probably the high you get from being on the bike, leading the pack through the beats.

Aside from spinning, I cross-train a lot. I always enjoys trying out new classes, so when I lived in LA, I went to many gyms and was spoilt for choice. It's the main influence for fitness in the world. I tend to always look at New York and LA as the pioneers of fitness.

In a regular week, I spin, do yoga, boxing, dance, barre. I try everything.

In the States, I've been to five or six a.m. classes, and they're full, everyone is ripped. Everyone makes the effort to get there on time. The effort in Asia is slightly behind, and those who really go the extra mile are those who've had experience working out abroad. As an instructor in Singapore, I teach seven a.m. classes, and they're never full. It's usually more of a "lazy" time, as everyone isn't really awake, and people wouldn't come earlier than that.

I believe in the philosophy that food is your medicine. I love junk food, but I find a nice balance in between. My diet is about looking at what I eat as a whole, what works and what doesn't, and that's what I tell people to focus on. I'm studying to take my Masters of Science in Nutrition, as it is a genuine interest for me. Currently, I do low-carb, low-sugar about five to six days a week, but on my cheat days, I go wild from morning to night. Pizza, bagels, everything.

My cheat favourite meal is pizza and doughnuts.

My go-to healthy snack would be lettuce cups with Thai basil beef. It's so simple, just fry minced beef with garlic and Thai basil, pop them in lettuce sups and enjoy. They're really satisfying and crunchy.

CruCycle is located at 68 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089527.

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