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UFIT Orchard - Your Fitness Haven In The Heart Of Orchard Road

UFIT has carved out a name for itself within Singapore's fitness scene, and their growth has been nothing short of meteoric with five gyms now islandwide. It's flagship outlet in Amoy Street draws patrons who aren't afraid to really push the brackets of their limitations to the next level, with industry-leading experts guiding you to achieve your fitness goals. One speciality of UFIT is their dedicated personal training program, and this, among other UFIT signatures, has been carried on to their newest branch, UFIT Orchard.

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road at Orchard Point, it is easily accessible by both MRT and bus, and cabs can drop you just 30m from the door at the Centrepoint drop off point. Look out for a UFIT sign just left of Coffee Club, and head down the staircase to access the gym. It may not be as large as the 5,000 sq ft Amoy Street gym, but this has got to be one of the sweetest functional training setups in town.

The gym is demarcated into specific areas. The astroturf flooring is utilised for free floor-based exercises, and you have an entire section dedicated to various weightlifting systems, whether free weights and benches, or racks. Another area focuses on kettlebells for HIIT or strength training, and rowing machines for conditioning.

Aside from the interior, the trainer portfolio is also notable. As UFIT preaches a holistic fitness philosophy, you'll find that most of the trainers have competition, nutritional or real-world sporting experience that have guided them to this point and enrich their training philosophies.

One example is Glenn van der Veen, an ex-pro footballer from the Netherlands turned physiotherapist, with experiences in mixed martial arts, boxing and bodybuilding. Glenn's broad sporting expertise combines with his physiotherapy knowledge to aid clients in rectifying mobility issues as he trains them.

Another notable trainer is Adrian Tan, a household name in the Singaporean fitness scene. The two-time Mr Singapore and physique competitor utilizes his bodybuilding expertise to help people lose weight, build muscle and even prepare for competitions.

A key aspect of UFIT's popularity is also the way they foster unity outside of just working out. They've got an extremely strong community that includes fitness boot camps or movements like their Clean & Lean challenge, a clean eating and regular workout movement that emphasizes keeping fit as a lifestyle above all, and not just contingent on hitting the gym once or twice a week. If you're looking for personalized guidance and a dynamic workout culture to immerse yourself in, then give UFIT a chance.

UFIT Orchard is located at 160 Orchard Rd, OG Orchard Point #B2-02, Singapore 238842.

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