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CrossFit Statera - Artistry Of Strength

As CrossFit continues to grow and more locals give it a shot, boxes are opening up in every corner of our little red dot. For some, the 'atas' gym experience with saunas and showers may be necessities, but good training facilities and a motivational environment at the heart of every great gym. This is something CrossFit Statera aims to foster. It's a no-frills CrossFit box located in the East, housing equipment that allows you to get the most out of your workouts with certified trainers who are ready to help you maximise your fitness potential.

On the top floor of an industrial building, CrossFit Statera is 2,000 square feet of space meant for people game for a sweaty challenge, ready to push themselves. With floor to ceiling windows, this is not your typical workout dungeon though as natural light and a steady breeze gives this airy loft an easy feel.

CrossFit Statera shares a space with Solitude of Strength, a strength training gym established by national weightlifter Lewis Chua, so you know they are serious about their strength work. Together with a team of dedicated CrossFit instructors, the box has grown to become a space where athletes and fitness enthusiasts can come together to kindle their love for CrossFit with rewarding workouts. The trainers at the gym, like Cheryl Foo and Devina Pronolo, are fully CrossFit certified, and have had prior weightlifting competition experiences too.

We speak to Lewis, Cheryl and Devina about CrossFit Statera and the gym's fitness philosophy.

LFA: How did you decide to branch into CrossFit?

LC: I have always admired the functional training that CrossFit provides. Before CrossFit Statera, we used to share the space with another CrossFit tenant, so I ended up thinking, why not do it myself instead of finding a new tenant?

DP: CrossFit came to me five years down my fitness journey. I saw a CrossFit video on YouTube and decided to give it a try, because it looked really fun. I was in a CrossFit box that brought CrossFit training for trainers to Singapore for the first time, and even though it was really expensive, I decided to give it a shot to learn more about the sport rather than just joining classes.

CF: I was training at Solitude of Strength, and someone told me to try CrossFit out, because I was training without a goal. It was after a weightlifting competition, I was taking a break, and that's where CrossFit began for me. I love the all-rounded challenge it gives me and the camaraderie built with every person you workout with.

LFA: What kind of workout environment do you aim to foster with CrossFit Statera?

LC: It's more of a homely feeling. We're dysfunctionally organised, and it just so happened to work. Everyone here is not looking for a flashy place, they don't care for towels, they come here to sweat, support each other and get home.

What are some things you think people should know about CrossFit before trying it out?

CF: The basic fundamental movements. Just have an idea about what they are, and what CrossFit is about. On YouTube, you get to see a lot of pro-athletes competing in CrossFit games, or just basic training videos. Having an idea of what you're getting yourself into really makes your life easier, and helps the coaches regulate how much you should be guided.

LFA: How often are your classes?

LC: We run 16 classes a week. They're all CrossFit classes, and we occasionally have weightlifting seminars for Solitude of Strength. We have something called Weekend Warriors Bootcamp as well, which appeals to people who can't find time during the week to workout, so they come down on Saturdays and Sundays. The rest of the time members are welcome to walk-in and do their own workouts at their convenience.

CrossFit Statera is located at 110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #07-09, S388410. Call 8123-4362 for any enquiries.

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