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The Men Behind MUVE Talk Fitness Myths And Why Recovery Matters

Step into Muve, and you're greeted by an expanse of green. It's a colour scheme rather different from the headier reds, purples and blues in other gyms, marking the first standout aspect of how Orchard's newest boutique gym differentiates itself. Studded across the ample space are familiar equipment like cardio and resistance machines, and a comprehensive free weights area. Others though are strikingly new, like green hammocks hung from a studio ceiling, sturdy black-and-yellow straps descending from poles, and a rock climbing wall that spins. Turn into another room, and an armchair comes fitted with astronaut-like boots, which makes you wonder what Muve's trainers have in store for you.

Photo credit: Muve FB

Meeting founder & director Tommy Yau and trainer Jeremy Tan provides insight to the mash of unusual equipment and their core focus — moving better through equal focus on working out and recovery.

L-R: Tommy, Jeremy | Photo credit: Muve 

LiveFit Asia: How does your gym differ from the average Singaporean gym?

Tommy: I started Muve to essentially help people move better. We combine traditional equipment with progressive training like TRX, VIPR, PowerPlate, foam rollers, anti-gravity and more. We're bridging the gap between more orthodox and newer training methods, and become a centrepoint of sorts.

We are also an institute where aspiring trainers can learn their trade, a gym and a pit stop where European and American presenters can come over to promote their fitness and nutrition wares to Asia.

Jeremy: The fitness industry now is very fixated on being aesthetically good-looking, but there's a loss in focus of what exactly the human body is capable of doing. We're pushing the idea that if you're able to move better, you're able to look and live better.

LFA: What are your most unique programmes?

T: The TRX group classes are very well received. I am a certified master trainer for TRX and I enjoy sharing my expertise. We have many different modalities to help anyone between an average joe and a national sportsman to train to get to where they want to be. We also have aerial yoga classes, so you'll be able to see massive, bulky guys spinning around mid-air when teaching classes. The yoga market is saturated with females, which we fully respect, but we want to attract men to be comfortable with the exercise as well. Yoga is really a fantastic way to improve your mobility and aid muscle recovery.

Photo credit: Muve FB

LFA: What other common mistakes or misconceptions do you spot amongst local gym-goers?

J: For ladies, many desire targeted weight loss in specific areas, but it's not something that can be achieved just through quick exercises. If you want to achieve a particular physique, you have to be consistently eating and sleeping well.

T: There's a misconception between being flexible and mobile. If you're flexible, it doesn't mean you're mobile. 85 per cent of the people suffering from back pains think they have to strengthen their back with muscular growth, but you have to ensure that you are working on your joints as well. 

LFA: So how does one actually improve mobility?

T: We'll perform a posture screening where we assess your muscles, and see where the muscles are imbalanced in your body. You can't change your skeletal system, but we can zoom in on certain muscle groups that have to be improved to aid your mobility. If we know your posture, we know exactly how much weight you can take, and how to help you.

J: A lot of people think there are quick fixes to joint issues, but it took years for you to get into that position, so there's a long stretch ahead for you to fix your mobility issues. Having consistency is paramount.

T: We preach frequency and consistency instead of being a weekend gym warrior. You don't even have to do a full hour-long workout every day. You can focus on recovery for half a session, and it will benefit you immensely. 50 per cent of recovery and 50 per cent of training will give you 100 per cent results. You have to respect your body and not constantly push yourself to your limits to recover.

Muve is located at 20 Devonshire Road, S239850, tel: 6732 0064. 

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