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Phil of Crossfit Urban Edge Shares How CrossFit Changed His Life

CrossFit has taken the world by storm, and its growing quickly in Singapore. It's not particularly new in the workout realm, but those who try it preach it like the gospel truth. Singapore has a number of gyms dedicated to CrossFit, and the newest kid on the block — CrossFit Urban Edge, has set out to integrate their members into the benefits of enjoying a CrossFit lifestyle. We speak to Phil, one of the co-founders of CrossFit Urban Edge, to find out more about CrossFit and why you should give it a shot.

LiveFit.Asia: How would you describe CrossFit for people who haven't tried it before?

Phil: CrossFit is a life-changing experience that makes you realise your fittest self while having the best time of your life. It is not just an exercise but a lifestyle with an awesome community.

LFA: What has your experience been with CrossFit?

P: It wasn't easy at the beginning, and I often laughed at myself when I was always the last one to finish the Workouts of the Day. And understandably, all of the ripped super veterans were done far before me, but they converted into full on cheerleaders, telling me, "You’ve got this! You can do this! Come on!". They all counted down as I finished each exercise, ending the workout gasping, high-fiving, and feeling victorious. Within the first couple months, I was already seeing so many improvements. I was getting stronger, learning new movements, toning up my body and building up my confidence. CrossFit is not the kind of gym you sign up to lose a few kilos for the beach. It is an entirely new approach to fitness and healthy living that can’t help but seep into every aspect of your life.

LFA: How does CrossFit compare to the average gym workout?

P: If you enter a CrossFit box, you don’t see machines. Instead, you see a group of people using their bodies as machines to accomplish workouts that are functional, high intensity, and constantly varied. We go between gymnastics, Olympic lifting, endurance, strength training, speed, and skill work, as well as other modalities to build a well-rounded, agile and strong athlete.

LFA: What results can one expect to achieve with these workouts?

P: The general feedback from newcomers to CrossFit usually involves a great deal of excitement at how different the exercise program is compared to their regular gym routines, and at just how much can be accomplished within a one hour class. Although each day's programming is different, you are always guaranteed a great workout. Physical transformation happens very quickly in a CrossFit box, as long as you put in the effort and time.

LFA: How did you decide to open your own CrossFit box?

P: My co-founders Paul, Jeff, Lynne and I worked out together at the same box before starting CrossFit Urban Edge. We discovered CrossFit in different ways and in different parts of the world, but we all experienced the difference CrossFit workouts have made to ourselves both physically as well as mentally, so we decided to work together and share this life changing workout routine with more people in Singapore.

LFA: What is it about CrossFit Urban Edge that differs from other gyms?

P: CrossFit Urban Edge is born out of the passion of our founders who want to share their life-changing CrossFit journeys with others. Our coaches are the founders, and we place significant value in technique stewardship, personalised coaching, and inspirational mentoring to drive dramatic and long-term personal progress. We are devoted to helping you achieve results, while ensuring that you are having fun and being supported by an amazing community every step of the way — from your misses to your hits, from your first muscle up to smashing your personal best records. We believe our edge is our Urban Edge community.

CrossFit Urban Edge is at 12 Bukit Pasoh Rd Singapore 089826.