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Your Guide to SG CrossFit Boxes

CrossFit, much like powerlifting and other intensive sports, is a world unto its own. People who do CrossFit fall in love with it, and outsiders don't get it. It definitely isn't a style of working out for everyone, but many who have tried it remain converted ever since.

CrossFit is a high intensity workout that incorporates elements from other sports, such as gymnastics and weightlifting, and it focuses a lot on functional training. There's a growing presence of CrossFit gyms, or as they are more commonly called, boxes in Singapore. For those willing to try CrossFit, here are some to consider.

CrossFit Mobilus

CrossFit Mobilus was established by a group of ex-military men with a shared passion for fitness and humanitarian work. Its main founder, Joshua Kwah, is a former Special Forces Diver who believes that fitness should go beyond just working out, and become a lifestyle.

Located along Upper Circular Road, this CrossFit box is one of the largest in Singapore, and fosters the idea of community amongst its members. There are a number of different classes, including the all-important basics, strength training, rowing, 30 minutes classes for busy workers, and more. If you find yourself really passionate about CrossFit and have a knack for it, Mobilus also has an invite-only Advanced Athletes Class that will train you like a CrossFit athlete, and bring you to compete around the region.

Prices begin at $30 for an hour-long introductory course, to S$200/month for members on a six month contract. If you don't want to commit, there are "drop-in" passes available, where you pay $250/month for unlimited access to the gym without a term contract.

Located at The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road #B1-10/16, S058416. See their website here.

Reebok CrossFit Enduro

Yes, the sportswear brand is involved in this CrossFit box, and for good reason. CrossFit Enduro focuses a lot on technique and form, ensuring utmost safety during a workout to keep training enjoyable. Juria Maree is the head coach there, and she began as a key account manager in an aviation company, before randomly stumbling on to CrossFit while online shopping in 2010. The rest fell into place, and she soon became a full time CrossFit athlete that competes internationally. Maree also has a background in track and field, karate, rugby, capoeira and Muay Thai.

There are a few key classes — CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Kids. The first locks you into all the basic principles of CrossFit, with specially curated workouts to tax all your physical skills. Sign up for one and have your kid join as well with CrossFit Kids — a more pared down version of the training. Olympic Lifting is designed for people who want to dabble in weightlifting, or simply want to improve their technique.

Rates begin at S$300/month or S$30 for a drop-in, which must be booked in advance.

Located at 11 Syed Alwi Road #01-03, S207629. Visit their website here. 

CrossFit Urban Edge

CrossFit Urban Edge is conveniently located just off the Central Business District, and focuses on a steady progression up the CrossFit ladder. You start off with an unlimited Foundation class, which will initiate you into all the CrossFit basics, and once you graduate, are free to move on to the other high intensity training options available, like their Workout of the Day (WOD) or Power WOD, designed to get you in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. Members also get complimentary gymnastics and yoga classes each month, allowing you to expand your abilities beyond intensive training.

The box is founded by a team of CrossFit enthusiasts, with Phil as one of the lead trainers. He began CrossFit without any knowledge, but enjoyed the community environment so much that he stuck it out, and eventually founded the gym.

Prices are $300/month for foundation classes, and $250/month for unlimited classes without contract, and $200/month with contract. Drop-in classes are priced at $35.

Located at 12 Bukit Pasoh Road, S089826. See their website here.

CrossFit Hub

CrossFit Hub began in 2010, as one of the youngest boxes in Singapore at the time. They have fostered an extremely tight and welcoming community that isn't just fitness junkies, but average folk who just want to get fit. Their classes are open to everyone and are adjusted to your fitness level. Beginners are also more than welcome to join an introductory session at $20/pax, but advanced booking is needed at least 12 hours in advance.

Their Head Coach, Yun, is a straight-laced, no-nonsense trainer that will push you to be your best, and for you to get there effectively.

Membership is price at $150/month unlimited classes for beginners, $180/month for unlimited standard training, and $30 for drop-ins. It's truly one of the more affordable options.

Located at 50 Playfair Rd #01-01/02, S367995. Visit their website here.

CrossFit Bukit Timah

Opened by UFit, CrossFit Bukit Timah is a sprawling 9000 sq ft gym surrounded by greenery. It is officially Singapore's largest outdoor box. You'll get a unique community here, and have the chance to participate in group activities unique to UFit.

Their lead trainer, CY, is an ex-Singapore National Water Polo Player who has been competing since he was 15, and was previously in the military for five years, before turning to CrossFit to help recuperate injuries. CY integrates his experience from different sporting disciplines to his training, ensuring you have a broader view of CrossFit's nuances.

Prices start at $250/month for a 12 month unlimited scheme, with $100 for a compulsory introductory session. Personal training begins at $650 for five sessions.

Located at 22 Turf Club Road, S288001. See their website here.

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