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3 Supplements To Supercharge Your Metabolism

Improving your metabolism is an extremely straightforward method to lose weight. A higher metabolic rate means your body is able to burn more calories, but this simple equation is not so easily achieved.

Amping up your metabolic rate requires some serious commitment to working out and eating right, and can even come with some complications. You might hit a plateau, or may need to lose a lot of weight that can be quite daunting, and you require some help along the way. Whatever the reason, there are supplements that will help give your metabolic rate a useful boost.

This is not to say that you can rely on mere pills to lose weight. Being conscientious with your gym routine and eating right are ultimately the best ways to see improvements. That being said, here are three of the best supplements you can look to safely supercharge your metabolism.


Caffeine is the most obvious of the bunch. It's a known energy booster, plus its fat burning capabilities are some of the most potent due to its thermogenic effects. This allows for fat to breakdown more efficiently, and at a greater rate. Drinking coffee is one way to attain your caffeine dose, but there are also caffeine pills or pre-workouts with caffeine to help you get a higher dosage than the 100mg you would have with coffee. The issue with caffeine, however, is that one has to tread lightly with the dosage, especially if you have heart issues or caffeine sensitivity. An average person is able to consume 400mg of caffeine over the course of a day, and any more could lead to certain health issues. Consult a doctor if you need advice on your tolerance.

Many fat burners tend to have caffeine, whether it's from green coffee, green tea, guarana and more. Take a look at the fat burners we have here.


CLA is healthy fats that build muscle and burn fat. Usually found in tablet form, taking CLA each day may sound like magic to aid weight loss, but it should be thought of more as a trade off. You're burning fat to gain muscle, so you may not see a sharp drop in the overall kilograms, but you'll definitely be leaner, and you'll have an increase in metabolism for sure.

CLA is an excellent addition for anyone trying to cut after bulking as well. You can find them in natural foods, such as dairy and beef, but if you need more than what you can chew, a pill is a pretty efficient way to get the added dose.

Check out the CLA supplements we have here.


Zinc is an essential mineral that is often found in oysters, beef and more, so if your diet is primarily chicken breast, you may lack this crucial supplement. Zinc is used by your thyroid glands to produce hormones that help maintain your energy and metabolic rates. Zinc is also able to control one's appetite, going hand in hand with the goal to lose weight.

While you can get zinc supplements, it is more feasible to invest in a good multivitamin that contains your daily requirement of zinc, alongside the other vitamins and minerals you may need for optimum physical performance.

Check out our multivitamins here.

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