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5 Quick And Delicious High Protein Snacks

A protein-rich snack is the easiest way to quell your mid-day munchies and keep you just full enough to power through the daily grind. Instead of reaching for a tray of eggs to boil, give these easy treats a try. They’re portable, tasty, and even double up as fantastic pre-gym fuel.

If the thought of preparing a snack seems like an arduous task, these take barely any time to make.

Edamame (8g of protein per half cup)

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For their staggering protein count, edamame are surprisingly low in calories. Paired with a high-fibre count, these peas in a pod are set to keep hunger at bay. Packs of edamame can be found in any frozen goods section of your local supermarket. It takes minimal preparation to have a bagful of these ready to go. All you need is to pop them in a pot of boiling water, let it bubble away for 5 minutes until tender, and sprinkle the pods with coarse salt for added flavour. Prepare them in bulk, and you can easily portion them out to last 4 days if you store them in the refrigerator.

Protein Wrap (20g of protein)

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Think of this as a wrap without the pita bread. Get a slice of lean ham, whether chicken or turkey, toss in a slice of cheese, some cucumber or celery sticks and you’re all set. It’s incredibly low-carb and rich in protein, so you can munch on a couple to fill your stomach and power through the mid-day slump.

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Protein Bar (20g of protein)

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a protein bar is definitely the ticket to satisfy your cravings. Available in an array of flavours that mirror sinful desserts, these Quest Protein Bars contain no sugar and no unhealthy additives. Whey protein and milk protein isolates are where these bars get their high protein count, so it’s pretty much like indulging in a tastier version of your protein powder. Pop these in the microwave for 30 seconds to get a real gooey treat. Get your Quest Protein Bars here.

Lemon Pepper Tuna Flakes (19.5g of protein)

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Tuna isn’t the most popular protein around thanks to its strong taste, but if you’re one to shy away from that, all you really need to make this snack work is a can of light tuna flakes or chunks in water. Drain the tuna, shred it lightly, and season with a squeeze of lemon and pepper, or some chilli flakes if you love a spicy kick. You can even have some crackers on the side if you desire a little crunch. Just have some breath mints handy after snacking. It's a small price to pay!

Avocado and Chickpea Salad (19g of protein per 100g)

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Before you groan at “salad”, this nifty bowl is easy as peas to toss together. Get canned chickpeas to cut down on the prep time, slice up an avocado, and toss together with a dash of salt and pepper for added flavour. You could even add hard-boiled eggs to up the protein count. Make this in bulk, and refrigerate it in an airtight container – this snack keeps well for a week, so you’ll always have something on hand when the munchies strike.

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