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Best Amino Acid Supplements For Building Lean Muscle and Energy

There's a lot that comes with the process of shopping for a new supplement. Research, the shopping, and sifting through the vast amount of options all complicate the experience, which often results in you buying something you regret, or passing up the opportunity to try new formulas.

To make things easier, we've compiled five amino acid-based supplements for you to choose from. Each tried-and-tested formula can boost your energy and help you gain lean muscle mass. We've also got links to full reviews and breakdowns for your perusal.

Amino acids are the foundation to gaining muscle, so supplementation is imperative. Here's what you ought to be looking for.


MaxiMuscle, formerly known as MaxiNutrition, has gone through a complete brand overhaul, complete with new packaging and formulas of their beloved classics. They've reworked their previous protein powder into Promax, which focuses on fast-releasing proteins, as well as an abundance of amino acids to repair and grow your muscles. At the heart of this product is their new BioMax Whey True Protein matrix, packed full of rapidly digestible amino acids, to ensure that your body receives the nutrients it needs in less time than your conventional whey protein powder. It also has BCAAs, glutamine, and is low in fat and sugar. This is one to try if you need a multi-tasking protein supplement. You get 25g of protein, 7g of BCAAs and 11.7g of glutamine per serving. See our review here, and see the product here.


Cellucor's Performance Gainer is a low-calorie, high protein mass gainer that also helps improve your strength in the gym, while helping you gain muscle mass. It has a whopping 60g of protein and 80g of carbs, alongside 5g of creatine monohydrate and BCAAs. You're getting an intense amount of protein through a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, casein, egg white, and more. This isn't just the perfect shake for your post-workout, but because of the casein, your body gets a steady dose of much-needed amino acids over a longer period. Not to mention the presence of BCAAs and the creatine, which are known performance boosters. This is truly one of the most diverse supplements available right now.

See our review here, and view the product page here.


Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey Protein is an icon in the world of protein supplements. Expect the same quality from their Gold Standard BCAAs, which is an equally no-frills rendition of everyone's favourite pre- and intra-workout amino acid combination. Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential for building muscles faster. Comprising leucine, isoleucine and valine, these are the keys to unlocking your potential for gains. ON Gold Standard BCAA brings it a notch further by including wellmune, an immune system booster and fatigue blocker, and rhodiola extract, which increases recovery time. If you need a straightforward BCAAs supplement, opt for this one.

See our review here, and view the product page here.


You may know BPI Sports for its standard BCAA supplement, but their Shredded version elevates the standard by giving you a fat burner and BCAA supplement in one. If you're struggling to cut off some body fat, or just want to lose weight, this is one to try. It contains BCAAs, of course, but also carnitine, citrulline and grains of paradise. Citrulline is one of the hottest ingredients right now to help you boost your energy, given that it increases your body's nitric oxide production levels, which distributes more oxygen throughout your body. This equates to heavier lifting and better performance. Grains of paradise is the key fat burning ingredient here, inducing thermogenesis so your body uses fat as energy.

See our review here, and purchase it at the product page here.


This is one of the most unique amino acid blends on the market. It has a BCAAs matrix, and an amino acid complex that will make your body's muscle anabolism a lot more effective. You're getting all the good stuff here — arginine, glutamine, citrulline and BCAAs. There is also a hydration formula that delivers electrolytes to your system, keeping fatigue at bay, your energy levels up, and your muscles nourished.

See our review here, and purchase it at the product page here.

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