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Get Lean & Toned With CLA

We've touched on how fat burners are able to help you overcome weight loss plateaus, and how fish oil is an integral supplement for your everyday nutrition, but there is also a product that combines the best of both worlds — Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). It is an Omega-6 fatty acid most commonly found in dairy and meat. Known for being an exceptional defence against cancer, toxins, and excess fat storage, CLA also has a potent effect on boosting your immune system.

The fitness nutrition market is chock full of products promising weight loss, but amassing all the information you can about a product class is imperative before you choose to invest. CLA is no exception.

Here are three unique aspects of CLA that can help enhance your lean muscle mass, allowing you to get the lean and toned physique you've been striving towards.

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CLA is proven to work its magic on two enzymes that breaks down fat in your cells and your blood. With that capacity, it helps your body shed fat, while increasing the potential for lean muscle mass growth. It also prevents fat from being stored in your body. With the increase in muscle mass from CLA, your body's metabolism levels will naturally improve as well. Research has shown that it works particularly well for culling fat deposit in your abdominal area as that is the area we typically have the most fat in!


Saying CLA boosts lean muscle growth makes us sound like a broken recorder, but it is truly what makes CLA worth the investment. CLA primes your body to be more receptive towards gaining muscle as weight, and not fat-weight. Researchers from Norway tested CLA on a group of overweight men and found a significant reduction in body fat levels, and an increase in lean muscle mass. Their cholesterol levels also dipped significantly.


Everyone knows a sedentary lifestyle causes weight gain, but how exactly does sitting on a chair for eight hours bashing away on a keyboard lead to your thickening waistline? It all comes down to insulin resistance. A diet high in processed carbohydrates and calories, coupled with a lack of exercise can cause your body to become more resistant to insulin, which causes your body to store fat, and increases your chances of diabetes. CLA lowers your insulin resistance, helping to decrease your chances of contracting diabetes, and improves your body's ability to control weight gain.


3.5g of CLA each day is ideal, which usually amounts to 5-6 capsules. Take it before or with a meal for optimum effectiveness. Two options we'd recommend are the MusclePharm CLA Core ($45), which has virgin olive and avocado oils, making it a well-rounded CLA with anti-oxidant properties; or the Cellulor CLK ($79), a raspberry-flavoured CLA that comes with L-Carnitine for an added energy boost throughout the day. See more of our CLA products here.

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