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New Arrival — MusclePharm Amino1 Sport

For the time-pressed fitness junkie, hybrid supplements seem like a lifeline in an extensive nutritional routine. MusclePharm's Amino1 Sport is one such hybrid supplement. Formulated to deliver hydration after a workout, bolster your recovery, improve your muscle-building potential, as well as your stamina, Amino1 Sport is also focused on delivering hard-hitting amino acids to your system. It seems to be a direct answer to your workout needs.

We break down to product's components to see how it holds up to its claims.


The key ingredients of Amino1 Sport are coconut water, BCAAs, a recovery matrix comprising l-glutamine, l-alanine and l-glycine, taurine, arginine, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes. After a workout, you may find that your body feels exhausted, fatigued and dehydrated. The obvious solution would be to drink water, but a better choice would be to consume a liquid rich in electrolytes to replenish your system. Given that your body also absorbs electrolytes faster than regular water, Amino1 Sport's coconut water base is a great choice to hydrate you quicker.

BCAAs are a combination of three essential amino acids. Also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, these cannot be naturally created by the body. They are leucine, valine and iso-leucine. You need BCAAs because your body requires a complete amino acid profile to function at its best. BCAAs also help you gain strength and muscle mass, while improving your workout stamina. Amino1 Sport contains 1.5g of leucine, 1g of valine and 500mg of iso-leucine.

The recovery matrix contains three key compounds that are integral to helping your body recover faster. L-glutamine is an amino acid that regulates blood sugar, promotes your athletic performance and prevents muscle breakdown. L-alanine is especially important if you do strength or endurance training. It stimulates muscle growth as well, and reduces fatigue. Finally, l-glycine is an amino acid your body uses to generate proteins. This makes it useful during protein synthesis, where your body builds lean muscle.

Taurine is a well-known amino acid that is often found in energy drinks. Aside from giving you an energy boost, it regulates your blood sugar levels and helps reduce cramping, which is especially useful after an intense workout session.

Arginine greatly benefits the heart. In your body, it converts to nitric oxide, which boosts your circulation, while assisting in the relaxation of your blood vessels. With better blood flow, more oxygen revolves around your system as you train, allowing for better stamina.

Vitamins C and B6 are vitamins that are imperative to your everyday diet. B6 maintains proper levels of red blood cell metabolism, and helps strengthen your nervous system. It also maintains a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is another vanguard against illness, but also has a lengthy list of benefits to your body, including the growth and repair of your muscles tissues.


Amino1 Sport comes in a number of fruity flavours that are typical to those one would find in sports drinks or BCAA supplements. It has a tinge of artificial fruit, but that's rather common in supplements of such a nature. If you enjoy coconut water, it really comes through in the Amino1 Sport, making it taste tropical.


Take a scoop mixed in with 12 to 16 oz. of cold water. It can be taken before, during or after a workout. Our suggestion is to mix yourself a serving, and start consuming it half an hour before your workout and sip throughout. This will ensure maximum efficacy of the ingredients. If you aren't working out that day, Amino1 Sport can be consumed throughout the day. If you have certain heart issues, do check with a doctor as to whether this is suitable for you to consume.


At $39 for 30 servings, you're getting a steal with Amino1 Sport, especially with the diversity of compounds within it. It is truly a budget-friendly option to include into your supplement repertoire.


Athletes should definitely give this a go, as it is crafted with numerous health benefits you would need if you tend to train intensively. That aside, if you're an average person hitting the gym regularly, and would like a supplement that can help you recover better, while delivering the necessary amino acids you need, without having to splurge on multiple supplements, go for Amino1 Sport.

Get MusclePharm Amino1 Sport here!

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