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New In — MaxiNutrition Cyclone

MaxiNutrition is one of Europe's best selling brands, and Cyclone its best seller. Formulated as an all-in-one nutritional shake, it's extremely popular amongst serious bodybuilders and athletes, having won numerous awards on the market. In addition to a triple-release protein formula, Cyclone as added ingredients that boost strength and recovery like Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine and HMB.

These claims are pretty lofty, making MaxiNutrition Cyclone a one-stop panacea for all your strength and fitness needs. We break down the product to see how these claims are supported.


Cyclone contains a triple-release protein formula, creatine monohydrate, calcium HMB, zinc, and glutamine.

The triple release protein formula is a patented mix that incorporates three distinct types of proteins to make the effects of the shake last all day. You get fast-acting and fast-digesting whey, medium-releasing soy proteins, and casein which is the longest acting protein that helps you feel satiated throughout the day or night. This formulation allows it to live up to its promise of being an all-in-one protein. Even better is the 30 grams you get, given that regular whey protein powders usually contain only about 20-odd grams.

Creatine monohydrate is second on the list, with 5g per serving. Creatine is a tried-and-true performance booster, ideal for activities such as weightlifting, or high intensity training like CrossFit. With a spike in your performance capabilities thanks to the creatine, you're able to train harder, hence greatly improving your strength with regular training.

Calcium HMB is a metabolised by-product of leucine, the most important compound in BCAAs. It reduces muscle breakdown during and after workout, allowing you to continue working out without suffering muscle catabolism. Calcium HMB also improves your body's mass gaining ability, giving you an increase in lean muscle growth.

Zinc is a mineral that helps promote muscle anabolism, also known as growth and repair. It also helps improve your immune system, alongside naturally increasing testosterone levels during training.

Glutamine is an amino acid that is depleted in your body during exercise. This causes your strength, recovery capacity, and stamina to dip. By supplementing with glutamine, you minimise its reduction in your body's stores, therefore lowering muscle breakdown rates while amping up protein synthesis — a core process by which your body attains lean muscles. MaxiNutrition Cyclone contains a whopping 11.3g of glutamine.


When it comes to this shake, the flavours are straightforward: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. It doesn't taste overly synthetic, is pleasantly sweet and it mixes well with water or milk. The mixture of proteins in this powder have also been reported to be gentle on sensitive stomachs, reducing the bloatedness one can be prone to getting after drinking a shake.


Take one serving of 1.5 scoops with 350 to 400 ml of cold water, and mix in a shaker bottle. The most you should go is two servings a day. Ideally, you can consume this with your breakfast to kickstart your day, and as a post-workout, given that the mix on ingredients here work best on your body after training.


MaxiNutrition Cyclone costs S$89 for 18 servings, which is pretty expensive. Consider this, however: If you're someone who knows your body needs all the supplements above to reach its goals, then purchasing them separately will definitely rack up a greater cost. If you're concerned about the long-term expense, Cyclone can alternatively be a shake you take during your more intensive training days, instead of daily.


Any bodybuilder or athlete looking for a power-packed product won't fail with opting for Cyclone. Also, if you're someone who leads a fast-paced lifestyle, with little time to DIY your own supplement mix, Cyclone is a convenient and effective option to explore.

Get MaxiNutrition Cyclone here!

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