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New In — Venum Nutrition Pre-Workout

Venum Nutrition may not be one of the most prominent brands in the supplement market for those interested in physique building, which is granted since the brand primarily caters to those engaging in combat sports, like Mixed Martial Arts or Brazilian Jujitsu. Their reputation in those circles is far more established, and 10 years on, the brand continues to utilise their special expertise to formulate A-grade nutrition supplements as well as stylish fitness apparel for the Mixed Martial Arts community.

Their compact range of supplements covers all the essentials one may need when it comes to workout supplementation. One of their more popular products is their Pre-Workout, designed to provide energy, focus and pump to help you push yourself through your limits. We breakdown the product to see how it stacks up with other pre-workout formulas in the market.


Venum's Pre-Workout key ingredients are caffeinebeta-alanine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithinebetainecreatine, vitamins C and B6, L-glutamine and BCAAs.

At a 160mg, caffeine is the primary stimulant in this Pre-Workout. Equivalent to approximately one and a half cups of coffee, you're getting a decent booster to your system to enhance your focus and keep you alert, without giving you a detrimental caffeine overload.

There's 1000mg of beta-alanine in the mix. This amino acid has become a staple in the world of performance enhancers for its ability to raise the carnosine levels in your muscles. Carnosine defends your muscles against hydrogen ions that cause fatigue during intense workouts, allowing you to really put the pedal to the metal when working out. At 1000mg, you're getting a pretty intense dosage that'll definitely produce tangible results.

L-Arginine and L-Ornithine are the two main amino acids in this Pre-Workout. While arginine is commonly known for aiding in protein synthesis, ornithine does not. The two combined, however, work together to help your body detoxify ammonia toxins as your body metabolises protein. They also help your body increase levels of natural growth hormones, allowing you to build muscles faster and more effectively.

Betaine is a performance enhancer, commonly known as trimethylglycine. It is an amino acid that significantly improves your body's ability to gain muscle, as well as burn fat.

Creatine is no stranger to the pre-workout sphere. It's a tried-and-tested catalyst for muscle growth and strength improvement. It's an intense energy booster too, making you feel more focused as you lift.

L-glutamine and BCAAs are the two recovery agents in Pre-Workout. As you train, your muscles are greatly deprived of L-glutamine, which then results in a significant loss of stamina, as well as recovery and protein synthesis abilities. You need to replenish with L-glutamine to ensure your muscles don't breakdown, and having it in a pre-workout functions as a pre-emptive measure. BCAAs are also a common inclusion in pre-workouts, increasing the capacity of protein synthesis within your cells, allowing for mass gain with consistent use.

Lastly, vitamins C and B6 help keep your metabolism levels in check, as well as aiding in the maintenance of your immune and nervous systems.


Venum Pre-Workout comes in two flavours: Fruit Punch and Mango. Both are all natural fruit-based flavourings, with zero sugar, ideal for anyone on a low-carb or no-sugar diet. It's not over-poweringly sweet, making for a pretty refreshing pre-workout when mixed with cold water.


Taking a pre-workout prior to working out is pretty self-explanatory. Take one scoop with 1oz (300ml) of cold water about half an hour before hitting the gym to get the best results.


At $45 for 30 servings, you're getting an immensely cost-efficient pre-workout, especially with the concentration of amino acids within this formula. A blend of all the acids in one formula is also more value for the price, rather than purchasing them separately.


Pre-workouts are ideal for those who have a determined goal to gain muscle or improve strength in mind, and need a little help getting there. Especially if you frequently engage in high-intensity exercises, pre-workouts are essential to keeping your performance at the top of your game, so you reap the most benefits. Venum's formulation is a great investment for those looking to see results fast without compromising on recovery. Aside from Mixed Martial Artists, it's also excellent for any sportsman engaging in gruelling training.

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