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3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Protein Intake

Protein is the nutritional holy grail for anyone who's seeking to improve their physique and health. It's drilled into you constantly that protein should be the main food group in your diet in order to see results, but sometimes, those who think they're consuming a high-protein diet may not be. This inadvertently affects how effective your protein intake is as a whole.

Here are some common mistakes you should keep a look out for.

1. Not knowing your recommended protein intake

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You don't want to fall into the bracket of eating too little, to ascertain just how much protein you need a day to see results, calculate your daily protein allowance and use that as a gauge for exactly how much protein should be in each of your meals. Calculating your daily protein needs is easy:

- If your goal is to maintain your lean muscle mass, a daily target of 1.0g/kg bodyweight is a good target.

- If your goal is to lose body fat whiles building lean muscle mass, a daily target of 1.5g/kg bodyweight is essential.

- If your goal is to gain mass and build muscle, a daily target of 2.0g/kg bodyweight is a minimum.

2. Not including protein in all your meals

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Breakfast and snacks are the meals where people tend to shy the focus away from protein the most. It's imperative to start your day with the right amount of protein in your meal to maintain consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day. It'll help you avoid feeling sluggish, and keep you full till lunchtime. Aim for a quarter or a third of your recommended daily protein intake. This doesn't mean you'll have to eat boiled chicken breast for breakfast. Plenty of breakfast foods are protein-rich, like tau huey, scrambled eggs, or a tuna sandwich. Just be sure you don't skip breakfast!

3. Neglecting carbs with your post-workout protein

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Don't just take in pure protein for your post-workout meal. The amino acids in protein are essential for muscle growth and recovery, but they require carbohydrates to enable them to infuse into your cells for maximum effectiveness. Try drinking a glass of chocolate milk post-workout, have a chicken sandwich, or ensure that your protein shake does contain a substantial amount of carbohydrates. It'll help you feel heaps better after a workout too.

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