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Get Bigger - New Year, New Me Training & Meal Plan

GET BIGGER with our weekly training and meal plan and get your New Body in 2016! 

It is important to keep up the intensity of your workouts and not to rest too long in between sets and exercises, 30-60 seconds is ideal. When working to Get Bigger, it is important to note that your technique is very important! It is recommended that you life quite heavy and therefore your form needs to be very accurate to avoid injuries. All of our recommended exercises are commonly performed movements and instructional information on technique can easily be found on Google or Youtube.

Get Bigger Training Plan

Do not let all that effort in the gym go to waste at meal time though! What you put in is just as important as your workout so follow the meal plan below and feed your engine. Feel free to replace certain ingredients with local alternatives if its more convenient. Remember that the simple formula to Getting Bigger is you must consume more healthy calories than you burn so plan your meals carefully!

Get Bigger Meal Plan

Check out our GET BIGGER Stacks that have all the supplements you need to balance your diet and support your training! We have already indicated when each product should be taken in the meal plan, so check them out here ( and get yours today!