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Run A Marathon - New Year, New Me Training & Meal Plan

RUN A MARATHON with our weekly training and meal plan and achieve your goals in 2016! 

Our training plan is designed to steadily build up your distance and incorporates a variety of running exercises to build your endurance. Get a good warm up done before every exercise, but do not stretch your muscles when you are cold as that will increase your chances of pulling a muscle! Always do a dynamic warm up like jogging on the spot, squats, lunges, etc before stretching to pick up your core body temperature.

Run A Marathon Training Plan

Do not let all that effort go to waste at meal time though! What you put in is just as important as your workout so follow the meal plan below and feed your engine. Feel free to replace certain ingredients with local alternatives if its more convenient, and remember not to overeat!

Run A Marathon Meal Plan

Check out our RUN A MARATHON Stacks that have all the supplements you need to balance your diet and support your training! We have already indicated when each product should be taken in the meal plan, so check them out here ( and get yours today!