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MP Burn & Tone 21-Day Plan

The MusclePharm Burn & Tone 21-Day Fitness Plan is simple yet intense. It is designed to maximise the calories you burn whiles teaching you proper adherence to nutrition and an ethic of perseverance in the weight room. Each workout can be completed in a little over an hour, so you can get on with your life. That's just 4-to-5 hours of training per week.

Training Plan

The training consists of High Intensity Interval Training and two weightlifting circuits (upper and lower body). The lifts are basic, but make sure to know your proper form. The weightlifting circuits are buffered by intense bursts of HIIT cardio. This workout is all about intensity. There is little rest and even less room to sit and bemoan your plight or pain.

The 3-week course puts your body in a state of super-confusion: the training feeds off the diet and supplements, and vice versa. You feed your body, burn more calories than you take in, and then refuel. This happens over and over, melting fat the entire time.

Meal Plan

This nutrition and supplement plan backs up an intense exercise regimen. If you don't use the nutrition, the exercise will all be for nothing! Experienced lifters should increase their protein intake to avoid burning lean muscle during the cardio sessions. Inexperienced lifters will simply have more fat to burn, so stick to the diet exactly.

We know how hard it is to eat well on-the-go, but it is possible. Look, we'll show you!

Supplement Breakdown

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This fitness plan exists because you're busy but determined to shape up. The good news: You can accomplish amazing things by training four days per week!

Those other three days are still important though. In fact, how you can handle them can mean the difference between success and failure. At least one of these three days should include very little activity - really try to chill.

But on two of the rest days, do what's called "active rest". Active rest helps both your body and mind. Soreness is natural after the workouts, but the rush of exercise makes you feel better mentally. This light activity shouldn't be intense. It can be as simple as climbing the stairs to your office instead of taking the elevator. Take a leisurely stroll in the park with a loved one. Ride your bike at a leisurely pace. Sex is an awesome option for cardio - try it sometime!

The point isn't to exert yourself on these active rest days, it's to get you moving, burning a few calories, and stretching the muscles you worked so hard earlier in the week. Rest is important. In the gym, you break muscle tissues down. Later, your body builds muscle when you rest and while you sleep, so take the time to recover. Your body will thank you!