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Cellucor C4 Pre Workout 180g

Supported Goal Pre-Workout Energy
Main Ingredient Beta-Alanine
  • Explosive Energy
  • Unbelievable Muscle Pumps
  • TeaCor™ hits like the first time every time
  • Amazing Flavors

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    C4 is an explosive pre-workout supplement that helps you push through your toughest training sessions. It has been designed to develop strength, human endurance and provide a level of explosiveness in your workout as you smash through any previous limitations. 

    So What's In This Awesome Stuff?

    The Fourth Generation C4 is the next level of innovation and refinement. Its formula is now more dialed in, more potent, and includes the breakthrough ingredient, TeaCor™ for improved energy that comes on quickly and lasts longer.

    Beta alanine

    Beta Alanine is an amino acid that is converted "in-vivo" to the agent carnosine. Carnosine is crucial for muscle development and stamina boosting. It serves its purpose as a fatigue-fighter by decreasing the lactic acid accumulation during a session. Every hit of C4 offers up 1500 mg of beta-alanine.

    Creatine nitrate

    Creatine nitrate is one of the most digestable creatine agents known to mankind. It's thousands of times more water soluble than many other creatine variants. You'll be getting about 1000 mg of creatine nitrate in  a single serve. 

    Arginine AKG

    Arginine is one of a number of ingredients that is necessary before a workout. This is because arginine improves the nitric oxide levels in the blood vessels thereby improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the capillaries and enhances the blood supply. A serving contains 1000 mg of arginine as Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate which according to research increase strength. 

    L- tyrosine

    Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that is necessary for producing dopamine, norepinephrine, dihydroxyphenyalanine (DOPA) the neurotransmitter which helps to decrease stress. The product contains 200 mg in a single serving. 

  • To determine tolerance, begin by taking one serving (1 scoop) mixed with 4-6 oz. of water 20-30 minutes before training. After personal tolerance has been assessed, take one to two servings (1-2 scoops) 20-30 minutes before training begins. Add 4-6 oz. of water for each serving. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water.

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