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Lush Protein Prime MatchaWhey™ Isolate 1kg

Supported Goal Build Muscle & Strength
Main Ingredient Whey Protein Isolate
  • Fortified with fat burning concentrated green tea extract!
  • Signature blend of Prime Whey Isolate & Matcha green tea
  • High protein. Negligible fat, carbs and lactose
  • Aids muscle size growth, definition & recovery
  • Rich in antioxidants & BCAAs

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    Ultra pure Prime Whey Isolate exquisitely blended with fragrant Japanese Matcha green tea powder and fat burning concentrated green tea extract.

    Each serve of Prime MatchaWhey™ Isolate provides:

    Prime Whey Isolate
    Premium whey protein isolate with negligible fats, carbs and lactose. 

    Matcha Green Tea
    Stoneground tea leaves full of antioxidants which boosts your metabolism and promotes fat loss. The nutritional benefits of Matcha Tea are well known – rich with antioxidants, energy boosting and fat burning properties. Every serve of Prime MatchaWhey™ Isolate contains a standard serve of matcha powder which packs the potency of over 10 cups of brewed green tea. All matcha green tea contains a small amount of caffeine, typically about 1/3rd the amount of a cup of coffee per serve. Unlike coffee though, the caffeine in matcha tends to be released slower, over a gradual 6-8 hours. This energy boost makes Prime MatchaWhey™ Isolate especially useful as a pre-workout shake, or even as an energy boost post workout.

    Green Tea Extract
    100mg of concentrated Green Tea Extract rich in Polyphenols, Catechines and EGCG for accelerated fat burning and energy support

    Did we mention Lush Protein Prime MatchaWhey Isolate has over 20% more BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) than some leading brands? This is because while most (85%+) whey is produced as a byproduct of cheese making, this whey is derived directly from fresh milk, resulting in more leucine and higher PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score). No fillers, no stimulants and instantized to easily mix with a spoon. Drinkable on its own or versatile enough to make your own shakes or cook with!

  • Take 2 level scoops (scoop included) for 1 serving. Consume with water or milk or add to your favourite food and beverages. Adjust intake according to your own individual needs.

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