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Lush Protein Prime Micellar Casein 1kg

Supported Goal Build Muscle & Strength
Main Ingredient Micellar Casein Protein
  • Super slow release micellar casein isolate
  • 3x the size of average casein molecules
  • Exceptional for post-workout and bedtime
  • Keeps you full & satiated for extended periods of time
  • Delivers L-Theanine which induces relaxation and stress-relief

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    LushProtein™ has set the bar once again. Our Prime Micellar Casein™ is one of the purest Casein isolates available on the market with up to 86%* protein per serve. Produced using a low temperature ultra filtration process ensures that the finished casein protein maintains its natural ‘micellar’ structure as it is found in milk.
    *Most competing Casein "blends" contains only 50-70% protein with added fillers and additives. 

    Micellar Casein is an ultra-slow release protein derived from skim milk that is absorbed slowly allowing a tapered supply of amino acids to the muscle over an extended period of time. This makes Micellar Casein an exceptional protein supplement for in between meals and before bed. During sleep, a slow release protein can be ideal for recovery throughout the night which results in vastly improved recovery and repair of muscles. 

    Made with no added fillers, thickeners and additives, our Prime Micellar Casein™ also contains negligible carbs, lactose and fat. Instantised to easily mix with a spoon, it has a clean neutral flavour which is versatile enough to add to virtually any drink. 

    Sourced from one of the leading diary producers in Europe. 

    Taste profile: Neutral and virtually tasteless. 

    As with all LushProtein™ products, Certificates of Analysis (COA) are provided for all key ingredients for assured quality. 

    How does Micellar Casein differ from other forms of Caseinate (e.g. Calcium Caseinate)?

    Calcium Caseinate is casein protein which has been separated from skimmed milk with the use of an acid. This means that the final protein is not in its natural micellar structure and the protein is effectively denatured. Micellar Casein on the other hand is in its natural bioactive form, resulting in a higher quality protein which is more bioavailable.

  • Take 2 level scoops (scoop included) for 1 serving. Consume with water or milk (nut based or dairy milks) or add to your favourite food and beverages. Adjust intake according to your own individual needs. Best taken post-workout and before bed.

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