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Pasta Young Bean Zone Pasta 250g

Supported Goal Functional Food
  • 36g of protein, made with 50% of bean flour
  • 40% less carbs than a traditional pasta
  • Supports muscle growth within a training plan
  • Italian artisan production, using bronze dies and slow drying process at low temperature
  • Vegan friendly

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    Pasta Young Functional Pasta is a range of real italian pasta with 30% lower carbs than your normal pasta. This high protein and low carb pasta can help you stay fit and perform better.

    Everyone knows that beans are a super-healthy food: low glycemic index, big intake of protein, rich in fiber and so on.

    Thus we decided to make another step forward by mixing our best durum wheat semolina with the finest bean flavor. The result is BEAN ZONE, the new high protein pasta which provides 36g of protein and 12g of fiber every 100g of product. BEAN ZONE is made with Italian-grown Borlotti Beans.

    BEAN ZONE is a high protein pasta very rich in fiber that allows you optimizing your performance and high protein diet as well. Whether protein are important to support muscle growth, on the other hand fiber are very useful to reduce fat and sugar absorption.

    Furthermore it is totally suitable for a vegan diet: we use only ingredients of plant origin, to offer a vegan pasta which helps vegan sportspeople to get their daily protein intake!

    BEAN ZONE is the high protein pasta with a complete amino acids profile and a unique taste: Italian functional food for your healthy nutritional plan.

    Pasta Young Functional Pasta is made within an artisan process which involves using just bronze dies and slow drying process at low temperature, Italian quality meets functionality!

    No artificial colors, preservatives, additives, flavoring and inside.

  • Easy to prepare! Ready in 10 minutes!

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