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Platinum Labs Optidreams 201g

Supported Goal Lose Weight
Main Ingredient Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Support fat metabolism with acetyl l-carnitine and nelumbo nucifera lotus extract
  • Boost recovery & fat burning
  • Advanced non-stimulant night time formula
  • Calmative ingredients assure a restful night sleep

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    Modern life has changed, and we humans have with it. We’re busier people with faster lives. We work long hours in stressful jobs and fit in workouts where we can. Our diets are more artificial and less healthy, and quality sleep is harder to come by. And it’s taking a toll on our bodies. So Platinum Labs gives you OptiDreams™, a next generation supplement that combines a calming deep sleep aid with a non-stimulant fat burning complex.

    We’ve included ingredients to lower anxiety and stress, assist in enhancing mood and encourage a better night’s sleep that will have you waking rested, energised and ready to be phenomenal. And using advanced non-stimulant fat burning ingredients,

    OptiDreams™ will not only have you sleeping more deeply but getting leaner too. A revolutionary product, OptiDreams™ is for men and women looking for an extra fat burning edge and a better night’s sleep. So recover tonight to give 100% tomorrow.

    Platinum Labs OptiDreams™, WAKE UP TO A BETTER BODY™.

    Structurally similar to GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is an amino acid that calms nerves and allows the body and mind to relax, giving a deep and calming sleep.

    N-Acetyl L-Carnitine
    Assists in transporting fatty acids for burning as energy.

    Nelumbo Nucifera (lotus leaf)
    Used for thousands of years throughout Asia to treat many ailments. It's been clinically proven in recent times to treat obesity.

    Studies show it assists with lowering anxiety and allows stress relief as well as improves cognitive function.

    Dandelion Root
    Assists in removing subcutaneous water and bloating.

    Valerian Root
    Improves sleep

    Green Tea Extract
    Contains lots of antioxidants as well as assists with weight loss.

    Raspberry Ketones 
    Assists with weight loss.

    Natural sleep aid ingredient.
  • Recommended dosage for beginner 1/2 scoop, once tolerance has been assessed increase to 1 scoop directly before bed. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Ensure you will get at least 8 hours uninterupted sleep to avoid grogginess. Do not operate heavy machinery. This product may cause drowsiness, USE ONLY AT BEDTIME.

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