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Pure Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Capsule Dispenser

  • Made with quality durable materials
  • Portable
  • Refillable cartridges with a number counter
  • Holds 7 caps, plus extras
  • Rubber sides for extra grip

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    We searched high and low to find a suitable cap dispenser that had all the features you need to dispense your electrolyte caps while you exercise. Simply take your electrolyte caps with PURE Electrolyte Hydration drink every 30 minutes during exercise for optimal performance.

    High quality pill dispenser

    Made with quality durable materials, providing a reliable cap dispenser.

    It’s portable

    PURE Electrolyte Cap Dispenser is designed to fit into virtually any clothing or accessory pocket and is easy to use with one hand, so you don’t have to stop exercising.

    Refillable cartridges

    PURE Electrolyte Cap Dispenser comes with a cartridge that’s easy to load with PURE Electrolyte Caps*. Just turn upside down and pop the caps in while clicking the button. The dispenser features a number counter, which displays how many caps are remaining so you can accurately plan your intake during exercise.

    Holds 7 caps, plus extras

    The PURE Electrolyte Cap Dispenser will hold seven PURE Electrolyte Caps* (sufficient for approx 3.5hrs of exercise).  It can also fit in extra smaller pills, like caffeine pills.

    Protects your supplements

    Plastic bags and other low quality pill dispensers don’t take care of your supplements. With the PURE Electrolyte Cap Dispenser your caps are safe, clean, and fresh every time.

    Rubber sides for extra grip

    It has a functional design, is incredibly easy to use with rubber grips on the side for extra safety while exercising.

    * PURE Electrolyte Caps are sold separately.
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