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W.O.D.Welder Calluses Shaver


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    • Shaves away dead skin on hands and feet
    • Removes calluses
    • Prevents ripping and tearing
    • Leaves skin feeling smooth

    As you know by now since you’ve read our educational piece on why you rip, when your calluses get too rounded and start to form white caps they are TOO BIG! Shave them down when skin is wet with our calluses shaver. Perfect for use on hands and feet.

    Directions: Use on moist skin. The blade is at the bottom, gently draw shaver across the callus. We recommend applying W.O.D. Welder Solid Salve and W.O.D.Welder Hand As Rx Cream after that.

    Callus shaver comes with two-sided blade. When one side becomes dull, simply flip the blade to the other side. To change the blade, simply push down the lock and blade can be removed and changed. Every W.O.D Calluses Shaver comes with 5 extra blade. Every blade can last about 1 to 2 months.
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